What is the Schizophrenia Commission?

It is a time limited piece of work that will produce a report in 2012 on Schizophrenia in England – current state of health and priority actions to improve outcomes. It is being run by 12 independent experts whose combined knowledge and skills will ensure that the Commission can actively engage with everyone affected by Schizophrenia and other serious mental illness.

Why Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a condition that can have life changing impacts on individuals and their families – as well as society. It is poorly understood – carrying a heavy stigma – and although many who experience schizophrenia go on to lead ordinary lives, for others it’s a chronic and disabling life limiting illness. There are debates on the usefulness of the actual diagnosis “schizophrenia” – and other terms are also used to describe key symptoms (delusions, hallucinations and thought disorder) by the medical professional, including psychosis, and individuals themselves make sense and label their distress in various ways. For the 1 in 100 people living with schizophrenia at some point in thier lives, the Commission is about taking a stock take on our understanding and looking forwards to what more needs to be done to improve our responses – as practitioners, journalists, policy makers, members of the public.

How did you choose the members of the commission?

Members of the  Commission were identified based  on their professional or lived experience of schizophrenia and related conditions or their leadership role in key professional groups.  We have made every effort to ensure broad representation of different interests.  In addition there will be the opportunity through the process of submitting written evidence and public evidence giving sessions for many more people and groups to contribute to the work of the Commission.

I want to get involved

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I want to stay informed

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Who has funded this work?

The Schizophrenia Commission has been set up by Rethink Mental Illness. It has not received funding from any specific body but is supported by the charitable resources of Rethink Mental Illness.